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Factors that affect your auto insurance premium

Companies can use a number of factors that can determine what their insurance premium will be:

  Age and, for young drivers, their marital status. Men under 25 years of age and single women under 21 years of age have the highest prices.

  Driver history and claims. A good driver record can save you money. Insurance companies will charge you more if you have accidents or fines in your driving record. Companies can also charge more for higher penalties, some traffic infractions and accidents that have caused property damage. Some surcharges are required and will apply to your insurance premium for three years.

  Where he keeps his car. Costs are usually higher for people who live in cities, because they are more prone to suffer more accidents or car thefts, than people who live in rural areas.

  Type of car The prices against shock and wide coverage are more expensive for luxury cars, high performance or sports cars. Amounts are also higher for cars that are easily damaged or that cost more to repair them.

  Primary use of your car. Your prices will be higher if you drive your car to and from work or for business. The amounts are reduced for people who handle it only for pleasure.

  Your credit rating Companies often use their credit rating to decide if they sell a policy and at what cost. A company can not refuse to sell you a policy, cancel or not renew your policy based solely on your credit.

  If you drove in Florida without having insurance. Companies can charge you more if you drove in the uninsured state for more than 30 days in the 12 months before you applied for insurance. If you did not, the company can not charge you more for liability coverage due to your previous lack of coverage.